November 3, 2011

OrthoGraph ArchiCAD Import Module has been unleashed

Many of our users have asked and we listened. The beta version of OrthoGraph ArchiCAD Import Module has just been released, a dedicated application for extending ArchiCAD to read OrthoGraph Architect's native ".srvd" file format.

The current beta version supports the conversions of up to 5 rooms with full functionality from drawings made using the iPad version of OrthoGraph. This limitation can be turned off in the final release by purchasing a licence for the fraction of the price of OrthoGraph Survey, for about €400/$500.

For those users, who don't need this professional unlimited functionality the 5 rooms limit and the merge function of ArchiCAD is also supported to do their measures step by step for an unlimited time.

For further details please read the OrthoGraph ArchiCAD Import Module's product page.

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