February 9, 2012

OrthoGraph User Forum has been moved to new address

We have moved the OrthoGraph User Forum to our local servers. The former forum has been closed.

Please visit our user forum at http://forum.orthograph.net.

On the forum you can find many interesting information about OrthoGraph products, their use and user discussions. The OrthoGraph User Forum gives even more:

  1. you can ask, if you have a problem using any of the softwares. You will get an answer within hours maximum 1-2 days. Your questions can also be valuable for other users too!
  2. would you like to get details about the OrthoGraph Architect iPad application? There is a dedicated forum for it at OrthoGraph Architect iPad questions.
  3. have you got an idea? You can enter feature requests about any OrthoGraph products. The more people are asking for a feature the higher rank we will order to it in our development plans.
  4. would you like to use the surveyed floor-plans in CAD systems? The check out the OrthoGraph CAD Connectivity questions. This is also a living forum meaning any question arriving here will be answered shortly.
We also look forward to get any recommendations about the forum itself, not just about the OrthoGraph applications. Make a comment to this blog post or drop us an e-mail to info@orthograph.net about your idea, we are interested about it!

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