March 12, 2012

OrthoGraph Architect creates DWG output!

The first OrthoGraph Architect version running on the iPad that supports DWG has been released last Friday. On the first webinar of OrthoGraph Architect we have announced the 2.1.1 release of OrthoGraph Architect, that creates its own srvd file format to be compatible with the new desktop DWG Converter application.

The support of DWG files is provided through using a dedicated desktop converter application, that is capable of reading .srvd file format, and can save it as DWG file. These DWG files are 2D floor plans that not just contain the walls surveyed using the iPad application, but also store the measures made to the corners or hotspots. The user can decide to save all rooms to the same Autocad layer or each room can be stored on different layers.

There are also some more new features of the iPad application that should be mentioned:

  1. Displaying room properties of each room on the same floor-plan: This allows displaying and saving floor plans of whole stories with room name and area information by just one click.
  2. Measurable hotspots: if there is a corner which is hidden by shelves or cabinets, then hotspots can be used to help the measurement of it. The only thing is needed for this a sign on a furniture that can be represented by a hotspot on the OrthoGraph floor plan, and can be measured from other corners of the room. This hotspot can then be a basis of measuring the difficult corner too.
Read details about the new OrthoGraph Architect 2.1.1 release in the AppStore at

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