February 22, 2013

OrthoGraph 4.5 with native Leica Disto support

We have released a new version of OrthoGraph Architect with comfort functions speeding up the survey. The most important functions are the native support of the new Leica Disto E7500i/D510 - the first independent iPad app in the iTunes store with this feature -, the continuous display of affected distances during corner movement and changes in the interpretation of the floorplan enhancing readibility.

Due to hardware restrictions it was always a big problem to take the advantage of possible Bluetooth connection of laser distance meters. The recently announced Leica Disto E7500i/D510 solved this issue with allowing the connection with the newer iPad models (iPad 3, iPad 4 and iPad Mini). OrthoGraph Architect is the first independent iPad app utilizing this benefit: check out it on YouTube.

Positioning a wall opening or a corner is greatly simplified with the continuous feedback of wall and wall opening sizes during the movement of a corner or wall opening. Moreover a green line is helping in cases the refreshing of walls is slower than the movement (you can watch it on YouTube).

Introducing the new View menu we have reorganized the tools helping the effective work, while the new layout enhances the readibility of floor-plans. The doors now reflect the type of them (you have 1 wing and 2 wing doors, folding doors, sliding doors and empty wall opening) and the same applies to windows.

Download and use the new features now! Available in the AppStore.

We are already working on the new version, with some great features many of you asked for.

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