March 28, 2013

OrthoGraph Architect v5.0 with IFC and Box

A new version of OrthoGraph Architect is out in the Apple AppStore with amazing new features.

The most important is the IFC export, from now on OrthoGraph Architect 3D projects can be saved into IFC 2x3 format directly from the iPad. Based on established, international standards for common objects in the building industry, the Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) file format provides an interoperability solution between different software applications. Using IFC allows the transfer of all BIM data collected with OrthoGraph including the building's logical structure, the object properties etc.

OrthoGraph’s IFC format contains the logical structure of the building with all properties, all walls, windows and doors in a 3D model also including their measured properties, and the objects will also be included in a soon release (objects will have only 3D box representations in their proper position and with their properties transferred).

IFC files created with OrthoGraph can be imported into most CAD systems. Some important links describing the opportunities are listed on our website:

Another feature asked by many customers is the Box integration, and it is also available from this version. Box is one of the leading online file sharing cloud applications available. With this feature besides e-mail and Dropbox you have a third solution for transferring and sharing your results.

position property of openingsWe have introduced a new property for openings, both doors and windows have now the entry 'position' on their property sheet, which is a distance from the wall surface telling where the particular opening is within the wall. Now this is an information only, later we will use this also for the proper 2D and 3D display.

We have enhanced some other features, most important is the fit-in-window both within the app and in the PDF roombook.

We are working on the next version, the freehand annotation is in the beta testing phase, and we are also working on a fresh new design with more self explaining tool icons (the old skin will be available for those accustomed to it).

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