September 4, 2014

OrthoGraph 8.9 is available

New OrthoGraph version has been released in AppStore! The new version contains several small new features and bug fixes besides one important that you asked from us.

 We have integrated the new Uservoice knowledge-base and customer support service that makes it possible to ask easily from us without leaving the OrthoGraph app. You can search in the knowledge-base and find useful tips and videos and if you don't find what you are looking for then you can send us your question. What you can expect from us is fast response and helpful attitude from all of our colleagues.

Try it right now: Look for the little question mark icon in the lower right corner.
Search for keywords you are interested in and if you can't find answer for your question than simply click on "send us a message". It is so simple to get in touch with us.

Your OrthoGraph Team

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