December 4, 2014

OrthoGraph 9.0 with VR Panorama Mode is available

The new version of OrthoGraph is now available with 4 significant new features.

Astonish your customers with clean and stylish 2D floor plans and with the new VR Panorama mode  that let’s you peep trough a window into a realistic 3D Model or simply place down your iPad on your desk and let the model "grow out" of it like a hologram.

VR Panorama Mode

The new revolutionary feature of OrthoGraph opens a new window into the 3D world and let you naturally browse around in your 3D realistic floor plan. Just use your iPad as a window, move it around you and enjoy the view.
Impress your clients and show them their dream house trough a virtual reality screen.

3D Model view
The new 3D Model view makes it possible to show the floor plan in a new perspective.
It makes you feel like a real  physical model is being rotated.
Just place the iPad on a flat horizontal surface such as a table when you are in 3D walk-trough mode. Wait a few seconds and the 3D Model view will start automatically. The floor plan will look like as it's stands out from the iPad.

Simple and clear floor plan set

Another new feature is the simple and clear floor plan kit. You have asked for a simpler design for schematic 2D floor plans and we have listened to you: We have created all existing object as a schematic symbol. We also created HVAC symbols so from now on it is also easy to plan heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems with OrthoGraph.


We also added a ruler to the bottom right corner of the screen that lets you see the ratio of the floor plan. This new function is practical because you can create print screens of your floor plan or export a JPG and this picture will contain the ratio to the reality.

Get the new OrthoGraph 9.0 from AppStore and try out the new features: Download OrthoGraph 9.0

Your OrthoGraph team

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