August 14, 2015

OrthoGraph Summer Sale

It’s summer sale now!
- only few days left
Don’t miss the chance to get a free online training for OrthoGraph, which is a professional building survey app running on iPad. The iOS app covers a wide range of features, which surely make the work easy, fast and accurate.
What do you have to do?
Visit and subscribe to any 1 year term OrthoGraph plan or purchase an OrthoGraph Floor Plan license, then you become entitled to request a free professional online training in the value of 150 Euro.
If you have an existing OrthoGraph Floor Plan license or a valid 1 year subscription, but need further training to use the product better than ever (we really recommend this too), then are also entitled to request the free training. This online training is typically enough to fully prepare all users to succeed using OrthoGraph on-site.
Why is it worth to use OrthoGraph?
Click on the picture to watch the 16 main features of OrthoGraph

OrthoGraph makes the work faster than ever: you can sketch floor plans like you would do with pen and paper, the iOS app recognizes your movements and creates walls from them on-site. You can add or remove corners, bend walls, update angles, measure walls with the speed and accuracy you require. This building survey system is still the only iPad app, which lets youmeasure diagonals that make the plan 100% accurate and correct.
By providing many other excellent features – handling of BIM properties, PDF room book, excel output, 3D walkthrough, teamwork etc. – OrthoGraph is a leading building survey app on the iPad platform with its integrated cloud functionality.
Switch to light speed, ease your work and amaze your clients today!

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