November 25, 2015

A Big Boom in Floor Plan Survey Technology

A Big Boom in Floor Plan Survey Technology

OrthoGraph for Android is released

30% off from every – Cloud, iOS and Android – OrthoGraph product during this week!

Users asked for it, we did it!

From today, OrthoGraph, the professional building survey application is available for Android as well. But wait, there’s more: you can get a 30% discount from all orders this week!
During the previous years, we had received plenty of requests that we should create OrthoGraph Survey System for Android too, to complement our already successful iPad version. Starting today you can download it from Google Play, furthermore, you can try it as a 3-days free trial version! Also, don’t forget to request your free demo / training during these days!
Further details here:

Developed for all as-built survey tasks

Surprisingly simple, revolutionary professional, amazingly fast – these are the buzzwords, which describe OrthoGraph Cloud Client for Android the best. This new edition is going to be the one and common version running on all mobile platforms, therefore we did the development from scratch and used all our experience that we learned from our users during the last years. A new "easy to understand" software with the professional features what you can expect from OrthoGraph.

By clicking here you can see all features of the app:

Black Friday? - We can do this all week!

November 27 is Black Friday – we decided to make a it into a week long event to celebrate our Android launch and make all of our products available for a growing crowd of professionals. This means that we give 30% discount on anything ordered between 23-27 November. Experience building survey from a brand new aspect! Get your own professional BIM CAD app on your tablet and join the growing family of OrthoGraph users today! If you need help learning how to use OrthoGraph, don’t hesitate to ask for a free demo.

For our iOS users

The new Android version of OrthoGraph is the future common version of the app. We are planning to release this version also on the Apple App Store besides the currently available OrthoGraph Cloud Client version. You will be able to choose from them (or both) with your existing subscription based on your preference. When the feature set of the multi-platform version will exceed the OrthoGraph Cloud Client version, then we will replace it with this new multi-platform version – soon to be expected.

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