February 5, 2016

Tape Measure on reduced price – extended

Last month we threw a campaign to reduce the OrthoGraph Tape Measure’s price from 79.99 euro to 34.99 euro. The promotion was a great success, many new professionals joined to OrthoGraph users, and there was favorable feedback from the industry.

What is OrthoGraph Tape Measure?

If you want to do quick surveys of smaller apartments or single rooms, capture the dimensions and get calculations on site, take OrthoGraph Tape Measure, which now still goes for a promotional price of €34.99  instead of the regular €79.99.
OrthoGraph Tape Measure is a handy professional building survey application targeted for smaller site surveys. Calculate surface values, perimeters, painting area of rooms, determine door & window surfaces of flats or survey small and medium-sized houses - the program is customized for projects that don’t exceed 10 rooms and where wall thickness is irrelevant.
Export your work into a 3D BIM model, an IFC or DXF file, PDF room book or an Excel sheet. Create as many projects as you wish, and generate the amount of exports that you need – there’s no limit on that whatsoever. Use the features of the professional OrthoGraph mobile family on small projects in one great app.
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