April 20, 2016

Create floor plans faster than ever

OrthoGraph building survey app is compatible with the newest Leica laser distance meter


OrthoGraph is compatible with the newest Leica laser distance meter, which is the best Disto choice for indoor measurements: small size with high-performance and flip-out end piece, which allows you to measure all corners with the highest accuracy.
The new device has a reasonable price, which is great news for every OrthoGraph user: it helps making every important measurement – such as wall length, diagonals or bended walls – in a fast, accurate way, so you won’t need another colleague to help with your survey anymore.
OrthoGraph Ltd. provides building survey solutions on mobile platforms. The company delivers professional software to those, who need to map out and measure buildings and architectural spaces quickly and accurately. OrthoGraph has won several awards, and serves users from all around the globe covering all segments of the AEC industry. Connect a compatible laser distance meter to OrthoGraph in order to speed up your process.
The building survey app is compatible with all Leica Disto distance meters that work together with iOS devices: E7100i (D110), D810 touch, D510 (7500i), S910 laser distance meters, and from now on, with the new Leica DISTO D2.

The Leica DISTO™ D2 has 0.16 mm accuracy, it features an intuitive back-lit LCD display in a 110 gram package that is small enough to fit in your pocket. The D2 also remembers the last 10 measurements taken. Most importantly for OrthoGraph it has a flip-out end piece, which allows you to make measurements from even narrow corners and edges even to measure accurate diagonals. This new LDM is available from 18 April, 2016.

Try the leading building survey software, OrthoGraph, to save time and resources, and amaze your clients.

OrthoGraph’s free trial version is available here: https://www.orthograph.net/free/

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