October 24, 2016

Get all numerical and textual building information with a simple click!

Get all numerical and textual building information with a simple click!
Make building surveys with the most versatile technology

Budapest, Hungary, October 25, 2016 – Do complete building surveys on a mobile device of your choice and export all data into different file formats with a tap – OrthoGraph’s multi-platform version makes it available.

OrthoGraph I uses the latest technology to help building surveyors making accurate floor plans in minutes. The app’s full drawing and measurement functionality is free of charge. From now on, professionals have to pay only to use the on-site reports, 3D walkthroughs, .DXF, .IFC, PDF and .XLSX export.  They can choose the weekly ticket, or subscribe to the monthly or annual plan.
Excel export – extract all information what you need for an accurate building survey!


Extracting the information from a BIM model is the conclusion of your survey, if you are looking for numbers and volumes. Besides the 2D floor plan (DXF) and the 3D model with all the BIM data (IFC) OrthoGraph I users have also an option to extract all numerical and textual information in a widespread format for further use (XLSX).
OrthoGraph I lets you export all important data regarding the floor plan to an .XLSX file. The software automatically generates 5 sheets, each of them with different detailed information:
·         room properties and calculations (like perimeter, area or wall painting surface etc.)

·         openigs with dimension information and properties

·         object list with all properties

·         hotspots and

·         wall sections
By using .XLSX export you can get all information what you need regarding your floor plan.
Start using OrthoGraph I today and make accurate floor plans in minutes!
Are you curious about the app?
Take part in our webinar and see how the application works. You can also get a chance to win a Leica Disto with an OrthoGraphI-ARCHLine.XP package.

Use the most versatile technology to make fast and accurate building surveys!


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