January 17, 2017

Use your OrthoGraph I project in your CAD software I.

Use your OrthoGraph I project in your CAD software I. 
Import OrthoGraph I files into ArchiCAD

OrthoGraph I is one of the most advanced building survey tools on the market – and as a professional app, it can make your work much more easier and faster with its unique features.

OrthoGraph I is a native BIM app by design

OrthoGraph I handles several BIM (Building Information Modeling) properties, such as complex hierarchical location structures, doors and windows with opening directions and properties, walls with attributes, moreover, you have over 100 intelligent objects to represent the equipment and machinery of the built environment. All this complex BIM data can be exported directly from your mobile device into IFC and DXF files, which can then be used in several CAD and BIM software platforms.

In the following weeks we would like to introduce those CAD software products, which are compatible with OrthoGraph I.

We will show you all those steps, which are important to be known for the successful work. Let’s start with ArchiCAD, which is in one of the most popular CAD software among architects.
Now take a look at the simple process by clicking here!

Do you want to use OrthoGraphi I’s full-functionality version for free?
Take part on our next webinar and get an annual OrthoGraph I subscription and a Leica DISTO D2 package for free! 

Are you curious about the app? Ask a free demo by clicking here

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