April 25, 2017

Improved features, reliable quality

OrthoGraph I’s new version has arrived
Have you ever thought about managing a complete building survey without pencil and paper? Would you try something, which is much faster, easier and more accurate than everything you have ever used? Would you spare time and money with an innovative technology?
Then download OrthoGraph I’s new version, which provides you with all features you need to make a professional building survey. Get a detailed floor plan with all data and calculations on-site!

Improved DXF and IFC export features
By using OrthoGraph I., you build BIM models, which can be exported into the main large scale desktop file formats (IFC, DXF) with just a simple touch From now on, you will be able to export your IFC files into more IFC reading software. This feature is a great help you to make an accurate architectural floor plan in reduced time. The new display of measurements provides you with a more professional way to oversee your projects in DXF file format.
Share you projects in seconds
Share your OrthoGraph I projects easily! From now on, after you have chosen the right export format you need, you can share your projects in more ways: send it via Dropbox, Google Drive or many different professional ways etc.
Precise measurements in minutes
Connect you compatible laser distance meter to your mobile device and make all measurements in minutes. The new, auto-reconnect function will make your LDM available immediately, without any manual settings. From now on, all laser distance meter brands are managed under the same menu.
3D view – a popular function to amaze your clients
3D walkthrough is a popular feature among OrthoGraph I users. Make a great presentation to your clients or just see your project in a more realistic way – the material and lighting improvements make your project’s 3D view more professional.
Upgrade your existing app, or download OrthoGraph I for free!
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