November 18, 2011

Free OrthoGraph CAD Connectivity is available

Two very interesting news about OrthoGraph Architect's CAD connectivity:

  1. OrthoGraph ArchiCAD Import Module has been fully released. You can try and download it from OrthoGraph's website.
  2. The first free CAD connection has been released - in beta yet - for allowing OrthoGraph Architect users to save their on-site made floor plans into Google SketchUp's file format: .skp. You can download it from Download OrthoGraph Google SketchUp Converter page, or read more about it at the Read more about OrthoGraph Google SketchUp Connectivity.

The Google SketchUp converter software is a stand alone Windows application that installs it into the Start menu of Windows. Its use is very simple (it has only two buttons):

  1. Click the "Google SketchUp Conversion" button
  2. Select the .srvd file that you have created using the iPad application - and transfered to your PC using DropBox
  3. Choose a destination file
  4. And you are done. When the conversion is ready, a notification dialog informs you about it.
To have an impression how easy this new module is please have a look at the screenshot made about it:

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