December 6, 2011

OrthoGraph Architect 2.0 has been released

We have spent a lot of work developing the new version of OrthoGraph Architect. As a result many new features are now available besides a large amount of bug repairs too:

  1. Handling of multiple projects, with easy multi tasking capabilities.
  2. Physical structure elements are typified like buildings, floors, etc.
  3. Parametrizable physical structure elements as well as all graphical elements have properties allowing users to specify item types.
  4. Enhanced graphical survey functionality -> joined rooms move together easier.
  5. 3D leveling is available to plan the walls, objects to be a part of the 3D model.
  6. Wall height can be set per wall bases (and also can be inherited from the containing room).
  7. Dropbox export has been enhanced to include the new 3D information too.
  8. Photos made with your iPad can also be attached to any graphical elements.
  9. The floor plan can be directly exported in JPG and PNG formats (with fixed resolution) to Dropbox.
  10. Many bug repairs and minor improvements.
Just as a sample have a look at how the new property sheet looks like:

I you are interested about more screenshots, then please visit the new album on Facebook:

The update is available from the Apple AppStore free of charge!

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