December 8, 2011

OrthoGraph ArchiCAD Import Module SE is launched

We got many feedbacks from our users who want to use the OrthoGraph drawings in ArchiCAD, and many of them does not do regular building surveys, only once-twice a year. They mostly measure family houses, apartments and small-mid size objects.

Now we have created a dedicated construction for them, from now on the OrthoGraph-ArchiCAD conversion module is available close at hand on an acceptable price range:

OrthoGraph ArchiCAD Import Module SE
available for only 99€/129$

The SE doesn't mean reduced functionality but only a limitation on the number of rooms to handle in one file. This version is able to read up to 50 rooms per drawing file, that is enough comfortable for most of such building survey activities.

The easiest way of creating a floor plan or a 3D BIM model electronically on-site is to use OrthoGraph Architect running on an iPad. As a result drawings can be exported to Google SketchUp or ArchiCAD, but in case of ArchiCAD a full intelligent 3D BIM model is created, not just polygons or 3D bodies.

Check out our pricelist to see the ArchiCAD Import Modules' pricing, and if you whish, you can order and start using it within minutes.

The free trial functionality - importing drawings with up to 5 rooms into ArchiCAD - remained available for the future too.


  1. Adam -
    I am a little confused. In order to do surveys on an iPad of residences for use in ArchiCAD, can one simply purchase the OrthoGraph ArchiCAD Import Module (SE or Unlimited)? Or does one also have to buy the Orthograph Survey tool as well?
    Eric Bobrow

  2. Dear Eric,

    It is enough to buy ArchiCAD Import Module (SE or Unlimited). No need to purhcase the OrthoGraph Survey Tool, that is an independent PDA application.

  3. Does it export like a JPEG to my laptop or computer? Will need an Android Variation because so many Autocad/Revit users are Computer based. Can you tell me if this app has a feature for wall thickness? given that all of the screenshots have a similar wall structure density.

    learn archicad

  4. Yes, it does! JPG/PNG, PDF, IFC, DXF are the default export formats created directly from the iPad. ArchiCAD and SketchUp exports are available as external desktop converters/Add-Ons

    The Android development is in progress, we are going to release it in the first half of 2014.

    Wall thickness can easily be set by each wall of the floor plan.