May 30, 2012

OrthoGraph 1st steps in a 10 min. presentation

It is always hard to learn a new system, even if it was planned to be used easily. Many of our users from worldwide has requested for a short documentation with images that helps doing the first steps.

Now we have created the OrthoGraph 1st steps slideshow running on that really helps anybody to learn the concept and use of OrthoGraph Architect in minutes.

Interestingly we have some feedbacks from users with 5 star ratings and also unfortunately with 1 star ratings in the appstore, most of them with reviews. Their amount is the same if we count it worldwide, but there is no intermediate rating (about 2% of all users have given us rating and reviews in the AppStore yet). We believe that the 1 star rating means: "I could not understand the concept of the software yet, therefore I don't like it" and the rest of users either spent the time on learning to use OrthoGraph Architect or asked us to help them in that.

Now with the small slideshow we wish we can help those users, who could not learn using the software yet, and change their mind to be real OrthoGraph fans and power users.

Don't forget to visit our forum at to see common questions, or send us e-mails with questions to that we always answer in maximum 1 day.

All 5 star ratings, positive reviews in the AppStore are really appreciated as well as all comments, recommendations, questions in our forum or e-mails are a great help for us that we always answer nearly instantly.

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