May 28, 2012

OrthoGraph 3.0, the 3rd dimension - unleashed soon

The next major update of OrthoGraph Architect is planned for next week. There will be plenty of new features, but the update for our existing users will be available for free of charge. Buy OrthoGraph Architect now before the price gets increased

Some major changes only to have a short overview:
  • Instant 3D walkthrough in everything you have drawn
  • PDF room book, summary, the every room detailed with images, objects etc.
  • E-mail drawings, files everything you create directly from the application
  • New object types like toilet, basin, stairs and many more. Available also in 3D
  • Handling of floorings and coverings
  • Pointcloud data to be imported through PointCab's preprocessed LSE format on the field
  • Move and resize any door and window simply by your finger
  • Localizations: English, French, German, Italian and Hungarian
  • Grid, reinvented drawing rebuild algorithms and many more...

The first and only BIM building survey app running on iPad now gets 3D functionality. All DWG and ArchiCAD compatibility is also available in this upcoming version.

Buy OrthoGraph Architect now and join our satisfied user group.

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