August 29, 2012

Stunning new features coming soon!

Although it is summer and we seem to be lying on the beach, but (unfortunately for us and fortunately for you :)) it is not true. We are working on 3 new features now, and you will definitely like all of them.

We have many e-mails where you are asking for the possibility to create notes. We understand that this is a good and handy feature to make surveys more informative, so we decided to implement it.

We are also fixing some issues with the 3D furniture, and we will finish this new labeling feature soon (e.g. creating notices on the floor plan, see preview picture on the right!)

This release might be in the AppStore within 2 weeks (Friday we will send it for review to Apple, which is 4-5 workdays).

The second thing will be the support of the Leica laser distance meters. Finally we have found with your help a device, which solves that bluetooth incompatibility issue through that small blue bluetooth bridge you can see in the picture. This small device can translate between the Leica Disto D8 (or D3aBT, or A6) and the iPad.

The release with the feature which allows OrthoGraph Architect to understand these messages as distances in any unit setting of the Disto, will be issued a week after the label feature.

The third ongoing development will be available approximately 2 weeks after (this is around a Month from now), and this will be the simplified creation of new rooms ( With this feature you will be able to create new rooms connecting to existing rooms with a small sketch and a tap.
So things are happening soon, stay tuned!

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