September 7, 2012

OrthoGraph Architect supports Leica Disto hardware

It's been a long time we wanted to develop the integration of OrthoGraph Architect iPad and the Leica distance meters. The problem has always been that the iPad hardware and the Leica Bluetooth was not compatible with each other (some licensing problem was the reason). Now it did not change anything! :) But there is a small box named SerialIO Blue Snap SPP-KEY Bridge that can connect to the Leica Disto device and to the iPad at the same time allowing them to communicate to each-other.

As we purchased this small blue box, and got support from Leica for the development we have developed the communication between these two devices, so that OrthoGraph can accept distance values from Leica devices. This new feature will be available in the free update for our users in the beginning of October 2012.

What you will need for using these devices together are:

- Leica Disto (Bluetooth compatible hardware)
- SerialIO Blue Snap SPP-KEY Bridge
- OrthoGraph Architect installed on your iPad.

Let us mention that the SerialIO team is not much supportive, therefore to setup the hardware level communication between the Leica and iPad devices you need to go through a really difficult procedure, and SerialIO does not have actually the willingness to make it simpler (this is the beginning of the procedure, and this is the second part, the iPad). We will try to prepare a video for you about the setup procedure, but we have to mention that you will be needed to be an advanced user and also need a screwdriver for doing that. Stay tuned for OrthoGraph news and videos.

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