October 10, 2012

OrthoGraph Architect 3.7 - The Grand Opening

all types of openings in OrthoGraph Architect 3DToday a new version of OrthoGraph Architect has been published in the AppStore with countless new door and window types, and a control where you can switch both the type and the opening direction.

change opening type in the opening's property sheet

From now on you have 8 types of single door, 4 types of double door and 6 types of sliding and folding door and the empty wall opening. The window set is also broader. Besides the simple casement, you have double, hooper and fixed window, all in wood and plastic material.

change opening direction in the openings property sheet
Changing the type is easy, chose the property tool, tap on the opening, and on the sheet tap the Type field. Now you can choose the desired one from the list.

In the same sheet you have the field Direction, that lets you change the opening direction, if it is opening inwards or outwards, and if it matters also the left and right dimension.

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