September 24, 2012

OrthoGraph Architect the only floorplan survey app on iPad with Leica Disto support

OrthoGraph Architect, Leica Disto D8 and SerialIO BlueSnap Bridge in hand
Building surveyors, appraisers and architects are continuously looking for the way to connect their beloved iPad tablets with the industry leading Bluetooth Leica laser distance meters, but until now they had no luck to find a solution. With its recently published version OrthoGraph Architect 3D changed the game.

Facilitating a third party device, SerialIO BlueSnap SPP-KEY Bridge, which allows to connect the two outstanding hardware, OrthoGraph Architect can receive distances gathered witha Leica Disto Bluetooth capable laser distance meters like Disto D8, Disto D3aBT (D330i) or Disto A6.

This feature adds a great advantage for its users as there is no more need to type in the measured distances which can save time and avoid manual copying  mistakes. From now on only one keypress on the Disto, and your floor plan is resized immediately on the iPad screen. 

Please watch our related videos on youtube: and for more about the connection read our tutorial

OrthoGraph Architect 3D iPad app with the Leica Disto D8 laser distance meter. and the SerialIO BlueSnap SPP-KEY Bridge

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