November 10, 2012

Did you know? PDF Roombook in OrthoGraph Architect.

sample PDF Roombook cover page

Have you ever faced with the problem to send the floorplan to your customer? They have no CAD, so you have to print your floorplan to PDF, or send a screenshot... If you have created your survey in OrthoGraph Architect, this will be never again a problem for you. This is what the PDF Roombook was designed for. But what is it besides the simple fact: it is in PDF format?

The Roombook is a cataloge-like representation of the survey. Of course, it shows the floorplan on its covering page, but it contains many more. After a short overview, it lists the locations in the project, and each location has its own section with the details like area, gross or net wall surface, window surface etc. And the end is not yet.
After each location, there is an object list with all furniture you have placed with their details like their sizes. This gives you an awesome opportunity to enhance the survey as one of the properties is the photo.

If you want to include in the survey some shoots, like the view from the window, a photo at the fireplace to give a deeper impression, or to show a special construction detail which is hard to describe other way, you can do it by using the camera object. This object has the same property list, so if you take some pictures in the given room, you can have it on the desktop in the PDF Roombook.

Please find here a sample Roombook to check how it looks like in the reality.

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