July 19, 2013

OrthoGraph with DXF output and freehand annotation on the iPad

Great news for AutoCAD users!

Sample Project in OrthoGraph Architect 3D
A new version is released from the professional iPad surveying tool OrthoGraph Architect 3D that creates DXF files directly from the iPad. The DXF files can then be sent via e-mail or uploaded to Dropbox or Box for further CAD use. These 2D floor plans contain all walls, doors, windows and objects, and also the measures are exported. Each room and the measures can be exported to separate layers that simplifies the planning in AutoCAD or any other CAD system that reads DXF format.

exported DXF from OrthoGraph in Autodesk® AutoCAD® 360The previous formats including IFC 2x3 format are also available, this way OrthoGraph supports the most CAD formats to be written directly from the iPad.

For ArchiCAD and Google SketchUp users there is no change, they can download and use the respective desktop converters/extensions that work with OrthoGraph's native SRVD file format.
Freehand annotation in OrthoGraph
Freehand Annotation drawings on the floor plan are also a new and highly requested feature. Create notes, markings, descriptive drawings within your floor plan for later reference. There are two different brushes with 4 sizes and several colors for creating annotations. Annotations are always connected to the actual room you are working on, but when switching to 3D view, then all annotations will fly as they were drawn on the whole drawing.

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