August 2, 2013

Most liked features of OrthoGraph

We have collected those features of OrthoGraph into a list, that we find the most important based on your feedback. These are the following:

  • drawing recognition and transform to walls - enabling natural and fast capture of room outline
  • instant reports & 3D on site - presentation and calculated data available right after survey can speed up business for carpenters, painters, interior designers etc.
  • DXF and IFC export - further using the data allows to fit OrthoGraph seamlessly to the complete CAD workflow
  • sketch & tap - natural and fastest possible way to build up a floor plan
  • attach photos to nearly anything - a picture is worth a thousand words
  • properties and building structure - BIM is not only a buzzword, it is the understanding that the more data you capture and build into your virtual building, the more benefit you will get from the model. This will be also the basis of our teamwork support coming soon...

Follow us as news are continuously coming... ;)

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