September 25, 2013

OrthoGraph Android - we should do it together

OrthoGraph in hand with floor plan
OrthoGraph Architect is available on the iPad for more than 2 years, and we get requests continuously from the beginning to make it available on Android too. We have even made a poll on our Facebook page, and the result was the same, so we have decided to fulfill this demand.

We spent a lot of time on investigating the best way of developing OrthoGraph Architect Android version. In the past half year we have made researches, some small trial projects and we clarified out what we should do to create the Android version of OrthoGraph Architect. It is also clear for us that if we set near deadlines - that’s what our customers would expect from us - then we will need external help from Android professionals.

As a result of our consultations made with Android and other development professionals it became clear that there are two ways that we have to choose from:

    Architect measuring with OrthoGraph and Leica
  • Either we start and do the development of OrthoGraph Architect Android version in parallel with the current iOS development, and handle it separately also in the future
  • or we redevelop the whole product from scratch in an environment that can be run then on Android and on iOS platform too.

Meanwhile, in addition to the above investigation we got many requests from you that you would be happy to use OrthoGraph on further platforms like Windows 8 (e.g. running OrthoGraph on Windows Surface or any tablet/notebook) and Mac OS too.

After lots of internal and external discussions we decided to go for the second choice. We will start developing OrthoGraph from scratch - meanwhile proceeding with the development of the current product -, and when it is ready, then we will replace the current product with the new one. This new version will be released on the following platforms: iOS (iPad), Android tablets and if we get enough support from you, then on Windows 8 (with touchscreen support) and Mac OS.

OrthoGraph in hand with furniture
The new version will not be a simple replacement of the current OrthoGraph Architect product, but it will hold many new features additionally to the current functionality. Such will be a stronger, more professional 3D rendering engine (including lights, static shadows), 3D editing (maybe not in the first release), multi-texture materials on objects and walls (e.g. you can color the wall meanwhile you choose tiles on that), and we plan to build in a customizable object library too. Latter will not only be filled up with objects made by us, but we will look also for partners to help in that, and we would like to open it to our users, so that you can create your own 3D objects with the most popular 3D graphics software that can save to our chosen standard format. This format will be selected to be supported widely by popular 3D graphics software.

Next steps

To develop OrthoGraph direct from scratch is a costly and huge work. Even if keeping in mind that most of the logics built into the current software today can be simply ported to the new platform. We will need to start with planning the common development platform, that can effectively support all destination hardware and OSs and we should choose a strong rendering engine to support all our demands.

OrthoGraph on iPad screenTo support this large work, and also to have a confirmation of that there is a real demand for running OrthoGraph on these platforms, we have setup a new crowd funding project on Indiegogo (, and will ask those of you, who would like this project to succeed to support us in our development. Certainly we will give you also some benefits like discounts on the license price and some other gifts, that we have already listed there and will figure out more also during the campaign for your great contribution, but your support is essential.

Please stay tuned for more news about this great advancement of OrthoGraph in the near future.

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