September 12, 2013

OrthoGraph update has been released with requested features

It has been 4 weeks that we didn't release a new version of OrthoGraph, so it's high-time to release V7.2. This time we have spent most of our time on stabilization and speed improvement of the App, but how would an OrthoGraph release look like without any new features. So we have implemented some many times requested features from you, our users in this update:

  1. Room name when displayed on the floor plan scales to the size of the room. This doesn't mean that all room names have different sizes but we have preset font sizes that are chose related to the size of the room.
  2. Now you can decide whether to show the followings to the current room, to the whole floor plan or hide them. Simply hit the required toolbutton again and again:
    • Measurement state
    • Room Name and Area
    • Wall lengths
    • Reference lines
    • Room flooring in 2D
    • Labels (as they are related to rooms)
    • Redlining (as they also connect to rooms)
  3. A disappearing hint that always writes out what you have just chosen.
This is how it looks like:

As mentioned we have done several bug fixes on new room recognition, drawing update based on measures, background image scaling, handling of curved walls with doors and windows and many more.

Enjoy the new version from the free update, download it now from the AppStore:

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