October 11, 2013

OrthoGraph Cloud Services - Beta testers are needed!

Another great unique feature of OrthoGraph is in less than a pace from the release. For the first time it is not about enhancing the iPad Application or porting OrthoGraph to another platforms, but we are nearly ready with a feature that gives web connectivity for OrthoGraph Users directly from the App.

OrthoGraph’s Cloud functionality is far more than just storing files on the web. It is to share projects with other OrthoGraph users, to support teamwork, to store the history of any project and if Apple approves our licensing concept, then also to maintain the licensing of teams.

Let’s get into details about OrthoGraph Cloud Services:

  • We already placed an experimental feature into the current version of OrthoGraph Architect, where you can upload up to 3 projects into the cloud, to store (and also restore) them direct from the iPad. The files are already stored on the cloud storage, but it doesn’t do anything more... yet!
  • Through the web access you will be able to organize any projects you have uploaded to OrthoGraph Cloud Services that means you can order them into folders, check their versions uploaded before (also their descriptions), and get a link to the phase you would like to work with, let it be the current or a prior version.
  • The link lets you share you project with other colleagues (using the link they can download the particular project to their device), or even if you would like to start from a prior state, then the link itself is the solution for you.
  • We will provide three subscription levels: Free, Pro and Business. Latter takes a big step forward compared to the others as it supports teamwork. Business users can setup groups of users and can create folders storing projects to share with them. Every group member can restore these projects on their iPads, work and modify them, and if they have right for that, then can merge them back to the master project stored in OrthoGraph Cloud. This way the same group of people can work on the same building doing a really effective and rapid work at one place.
  • In addition to the functional features we want to release a new, subscription based licensing, where the group leaders of Business accounts can subscribe their team to the full featured OrthoGraph version on monthly paid basis. If there is a project that needs more resources, then they can employ anybody having an iPad to join the survey work only paying the subscription fee for the time period it is really required. This licensing construction needs to be approved by Apple yet.

What do we store on our servers? Everything that is related to the project: drawings, all graphical elements and their properties including even the photos attached to them.

If you are interested to the cloud functionality before its release, if you would like to help us with beta testing, then contact us at info@orthograph.net. You can be sure, this is going to be a big step in OrthoGraph’s life.

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