November 22, 2013

OrthoGraph Cloud Introduced - Try it for free now!

Today a new version of OrthoGraph Architect have been released. Version 8 comes with an awesome new feature supporting two aspects of the professional work.

First of all is the backup and restore function. From this version you can save your projects to the cloud, and if you have Pro or Business subscription (free for the first month during the introduction period) all uploaded states of the projects will be stored automatically. These versions can be retrieved anytime giving you additional safety.

The other great advancement of OrthoGraph Cloud Services is the support of teamwork. As a Pro customer you can share your uploaded projects (even old versions!) with other Pro customers, and then these files can be further developed independently. As a Business customer you get even more: the real collaboration with your colleagues. You can survey the same building the same time with a group of surveyors working on the same project / drawing.

Collaboration means much more than just a simple upload and download procedure. Merge all your work with others' works. This way you can be a part of a large survey task, and at the end all your work can be merged with the result parts made by others. The result when you finish: one integrated project. And all this with versioning!

Business subscription is not just a higher level of cooperation, but it also offers a central user/license management, so you can purchase subscriptions for your colleagues, and give them multi-level permissions to the group of common folders what you create.

As you might be used to it already, OrthoGraph is evolving continuously. The same applies to the Cloud services too, so new features are planned, stay tuned!

Other New features:
- Demo project
- Objects can be hidden from View toolbar (display current room's objects, display all, or hide all)
- Better dimension displaying
- Location visibility can be handled recursively (from now on you can switch the visibility of a whole floor or room-by-room)
- Hotspots have an additional altitude property

(We welcome also your thoughts and wish lists at or, concerning not only this new functionality but any other feature.)

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