December 30, 2013

Happy New Year- Summary of 2013 and our 2014 plans

We arrived to the last day of 2013, so let’s sum up our great year.

2013 was an amazing year at OrthoGraph. We finished 2012 with the best sales ever and felt so proud and grateful because so many people from all around the world have chosen us. Before Christmas, we launched the Sketch&Tap functionality based on the user reviews. This functionality greatly simplifies and speeds up the survey process.

2013 began with an even stronger and more successful January. We created several new functionality for our users. This year was the year of integrations as well: We finished the ArchiCAD 16 and ArchiCAD 17 add-on and the DXF and IFC format support. The Leica Disto E7500i/D510 and the Bosch GLM 100C laser distance meter support and the Box (beside DropBox) support was created in 2013 too.

OrthoGraph Architect received a new design. The goal was to develop a more user-friendly appearance for the application by increasing readability and usability. The view became more customizable and the labels and signs changed into a more decorative look.

We launched the freehand annotation tool to support the more detailed surveying. With this new tool, you can easily add drawings or comments to your floor plan.

This fall, we introduced the OrthoGraph Cloud which opened a brand new dimension for the App. The teamwork functionality was released which is provided solely by us on iPad. The additional feature of the cloud, besides the share and backup function, is the unique versioning opportunity.

We are full of new plans, some of these are our own ideas, others are based on our user’s requests, but we will achieve all of them. The first step of this new development begins with the “OrthoGraph on Android Project” which means way more than an OrthoGraph version on Android operating system.

The aim of the project is to create a brand new technically more advanced App for iPad, Android and Windows 8 devices with all the well-known and trusted functionalities of the existing App but with new opportunities for further development. With the new version of the App we will be able to establish long-awaited functions that have previously been difficult to imagine. In addition enabled by the new graphical engine the application will be much faster and more stable, so the current users can gain a lot from this promising new project.

We hope that 2014 will be as successful and effective as 2013. Our goal is to give even more tools which helps you work in a faster and more efficient way.

Last but not least, we would like to you say Thank you for choosing OrthoGraph.

We wish you a happy New Year!

The OrthoGraph Team

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