March 11, 2014

Multi-purpose PDF room books of OrthoGraph

Have you ever thought of how great it would be to have a detailed room book of what you have drawn and measured on the spot? All rooms with their drawings, furniture list, sizes, calculations and even with the images you shot on-site? We did.

The PDF export feature of OrthoGraph is there for you including everything you drawn, measured and entered into the floor plan. Use it as a professional architect, painter, tiler, forensics with all details or as a retail agency containing fancy renders of the flat you wish to introduce.

The OrthoGraph Architect App has several export options, one of them is the PDF export format. With this PDF export, you can create so called "room books" with a click. The App automatically generates the PDF file containing well arranged and detailed data and pictures about the full project.

A page of a PDF room book

The PDF room book contains all data such as area of the location, area of the walls, perimeter, area of the windows and doors regarding all created locations of  each room of a project. The room book lists the objects of a room/building with all properties. You can read here the width, depth, height and all properties, images of every objects in their corresponding locations.

The PDF lists the previously attached pictures both attached to the objects and also to all windows/doors.  Use the camera of your iPad or use a previously created photo and attach it to the properties of an object.

A page of a PDF room book with attached pictures

Additionally, the PDF file contains a drawing of the floor plan regarding every single location. You can control whether you want to see the flooring, the reference line or the objects. You can turn on or off these in the view toolbar with the three state switches. The PDF will show the same you see on the editor screen of your iPad.

On the picture below, you can see a perfect output for real estate agents. Visible flooring and objects make this version of the floor plan an excellent presentation tool on a real estate website because everyday people are willing to prefer realistic drawings over technical floor plans.

A first page of a PDF room book-view options optimized for real estate agents

For architects who are only interested about the structure of the building, we suggest to use the PDF output when the visibility of the flooring and the objects are turned off, but the dimension and the room labels are visible.

A first page of a PDF room book-view options optimized for architects

Now, are you curious about how to create a room book? It is super easy, just go to the survey toolbar and click on the send by email tool or the save to Box/DropBox tool. Here you can choose from six output options. Now you need to choose the PDF output. After you have clicked on the PDF button, the App automatically creates pictures of the different locations separately and together (from the current view you are standing). It takes only a few seconds, after that, the email client will pop up, and you can simply add the recipient(s) and send the email. Watch the video below to see it live:

The PDF roombook is a very useful tool if you need the documentations of your projects. This function can help a lot when you want to see all information together. Whether you are an interior designer, an architect or a real estate agent, PDF room book will be indispensable for you after you have tried it.

So now you know: if you need a summary about your project, or you would like to see all important information and calculations regarding a building or building complex together, or you just need this information only regarding to a room - it is there for you, direct on the spot.

The OrthoGraph Team

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