April 30, 2014

Get the OrthoGraph ArchiCAD 18 Import Module for free!

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Special offer for the ArchiCAD Import Module!
Buy now  OrthoGraph ArchiCAD Import Module for AC17, and you will get the coming AC18 compatible version for free! It's worth to buy it now because the price of this add-on will increase. The offer is valid for the purchases made from 05.01.2014 until the new ArchiCAD module is available.

Why is it so useful?

When a building survey is done with OrthoGraph Architect 3D, then the most important question is always where and how it can be further used.

This is a dedicated tool for converting OrthoGraph survey results to ArchiCAD on Mac & Windows.

You can try out the software which is running in demo mode by default, that means drawings with up to 5 rooms can be converted into ArchiCAD. This restricion can be removed by purchasing the full version.

Graphics survey made with OrthoGraph Architect can easily be further used in ArchiCAD. In case you have ArchiCAD installed on your computer, then by installing OrthoGraph ArchiCAD Import Module your ArchiCAD’s open funtcion will be extended to natively support OrthoGraph Architect’s file format (“.srvd”).

Read more:http://www.orthograph.net/orthograph-cad-export/#ArchiCAD

So buy it now and enjoy ArchiCAD 18 for free:

The OrthoGraph Team

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