May 6, 2014

Peek into your dreamhouse with OrthoGraph's new feature

Do you want to peek into your dream-house? Be sure that your client’s answer is YES. Whether your clients would like to rent a new home, buy one or renovate an apartment, we are sure that they are eager to see what they can expect. OrthoGraph gives you the opportunity to “open them a window” to the new house or room and it is easier than ever; you only have to place down camera objects.

 How does it work?

The new 8.8 version of OrthoGraph is enriched with a significant new feature, the camera view rendering.
The improved camera object makes it possible to have a realistic 3D view from the viewpoint of the camera.

These camera objects will help you in a real time presentation because you don’t have to find the best angle at each room in 3D view. The camera objects provide an ideal outlook because their view can be set at eye level, you can also choose the best field of view, they can simulate the view of an average human. This way, each camera object is like a virtual window to the room. It is exactly the same as look around and make photos in a room in the real life.

Realistic 3D view pictures in the improved PDF room book

In the new PDF room book output (besides the attached photos) the document contains the snapshots of each camera. You can decide to include the camera representations into the floor plan, or not.

Why is it so useful?

Show pictures for your client in your email offer about their dream house, their perfect bathroom, or their most fancy office. And it is now only one click with the improved PDF room book, you just have to place camera objects to the proper locations.
Put a camera object in each room or show a particular location in different angles with multiple cameras.
You can even show the to-be house from outside, just place a camera outside of the house.

To learn more about how to use the new feature watch our video tutorial.

Get your free OrthoGraph update or buy the App from the AppStore today!

Your OrthoGraph Team

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