June 13, 2014

16 reasons for choosing OrthoGraph

Do you know why OrthoGraph is the most advanced building surveying iPad application on the market? We have 16 competitive advantages that make us stand out. 16 features that are the heart of the application from the intuitive sketch and tap way you draw trough bending walls, Leica and Bosch support to the teamwork functionality.

Watch our short video about these features:

OrthoGraph's 16 key features:

  1. Intelligent sketch recognition - 0:11
  2. Append new rooms with just one simple tap - 0:15
  3. Measure walls and diagonals - 0:22
  4. Leica & Bosch Bluetooth laser distance meter support - 0:41
  5. Curved walls and different wall thicknesses - 0:54
  6. 3D walk through, integral 3D model - 1:20
  7. Doors & windows with properties - welcome to the mobile BIM world - 1:35
  8. Furniture with properties and photos - 1:52
  9. Freehand annotation, labeling and attached photos - 2:10
  10. Location structure & room stamps - 2:17
  11. Professional output formats - supporting AutoCAD, ArchiCAD and all the important players - 2:27
  12. PDF room book with details and renders - 2:33
  13. Background images for digitizing floor plans - 2:42
  14. Cloud storage with versions of the same file - 2:55
  15. Teamwork on the same project - 3:16
  16. 3D VR Model view - 3:54

Creating a wall on the iPad shouldn't be bounded by the same limitations we had on a mouse-controlled environment. OrthoGraph's revolutionary "old" concept goes back to the origins and combines the leading edge technology with the natural way of drawing with pencil and paper. With the sketch & tap functionality and the intelligent sketch recognition the creation of floor plans was never easier and more natural.

Another unique thing is that the software handles curved walls. They cannot be found in every building but if you have to measure one, OrthoGraph is the only application, which can deal with it.

There is no professional floor plan without wall thickness, properties, housing etc., and these are all possible in OrthoGraph.

Digitizing in a natural way: if you have a previously made ground plan about the building then you can use it as a background picture to your drawing, and ease your work with it.

After creating the draft you can immediately measure it. But only measuring wall lengths cannot create real geometrical accuracy. OrthoGraph is still the only iPad app letting you measure diagonals that make the plan 100% accurate and correct. Make the measurement process even easier with the Leica and Bosch laser distance meter support. By using the Bluetooth connection the data transfer is super fast.

After the measurement you can furnish your rooms. Add doors, windows and furniture with properties and photos. OrthoGraph's object library contains 19 different doors, 9 different windows and 46 objects as of today, all resizable to their real dimensions.

The application has a unique location structure that makes it possible to create the location tree with floors, apartments, offices, shops and rooms, and even with zones. This helps handling even large buildings, or building portfolios in the same workspace.

Use the labeling tool to write notes on the floor plan or if you need just signing some parts, then use the freehand annotation function, draw, sketch as normally you would on a paper or simply just shot a picture and attach that. With OrthoGraph you will never leave the site without all important information gathered!

When you are ready with your work, export the files in one of the professional output file formats like IFC, DXF, JPG and use them further in ArchiCAD, AutoCAD or in Solibri Model viewer. You can also export your project as a PDF room book. It will list all your rooms and objects individually with their drawings, and if you wish, include camera renders too.

And last but not least use OrthoGraph Cloud to backup your work with versioning and use the also unexampled teamwork function that allows many people to work in the same floor plan.

Use OrthoGraph and enjoy all these features that make your work easier and faster. Think different and ease your work!

Download OrthoGraph right now from AppStore!

Your OrthoGraph Team

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