June 15, 2015

New OrthoGraph apps – customized for your needs

OrthoGraph Survey System is a professional tool for professionals. We have customers from many different professions like architects, building surveyors, carpenters, energy auditors, claim adjusters, interior desigers, real estate agents etc. We clearly see that they have different needs and different expectations regarding our app. Therefore we have decided to reorganize our product portfolio to adopt to all of these requirements.

With these versions everyone will surely find the appropriate solution.

From now on, OrthoGraph Survey Sytem, the professional building surveying application has 3 different available versions in the AppStore.

To make the choice easier let's see the differences among the versions:

OrthoGraph Floor Plan is a full functionality version of OrthoGraph. It was designed for the professionals who need to measure high number of locations inside a building. This application will not be available in every country via AppStore but you will be able to buy it through our reseller partners. This is the perfect tool for creating professional and highly precise surveys.

OrthoGraph Cloud Client is an application connected to the OrthoGraph Cloud Services. It is a free downloadable client application that allows the registered OrthoGraph Cloud users to log in and use the features bound to their OrthoGraph Cloud license.

OrthoGraph Tape Measure is a simple and easy to use app for measuring limited number of locations with all inventions that makes OrthoGraph the right choice. This app was created for surveying normal houses and flats that contain no more than 10 rooms and the app works with fixed wall-thickness.

This is the perfect app for craftsmen who want to measure and calculate on site.

Our reseller partners also sell additional services such as first level support and software demo and trainings.

These new developments are paired up with a major change in the firm. New investors purchased a part of the company which also proves OrthoGraph's results and values.

Choose the app the mostly fits your professional needs!

Your OrthoGraph team

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