June 19, 2015

OrthoGraph versions explained

OrthoGraph versions explained

19th June 2015

At OrthoGraph we have recently reshaped our product portfolio to better serve our clients, and this means significant changes in the available products and services. Let us shortly introduce you to the exciting new members of the OrthoGraph family.

Let us start with the good news :) OrthoGraph Floorplan is an update for OrthoGraph Architect, therefore it is free to download and install to anyone who has purchased the old versionApple's policy gives a clear guidance about updates for Appstore software purchases, namely that purchasing an app from the AppStore gives you right to download and install any updates without any additional payment and this applies on this situation, too. Please find here a video where we explain how to download OrthoGraph Floorplan to your iPad.

If you didn't purchase OrthoGraph yet, you can buy it through OrthoGraph Cloud in a simple way:

  1. Register at OrthoGraph Cloud site
  2. Log in to your account and purchase or subscribe to the license you wish to use
  3. Download the OrthoGraph Cloud Client from the AppStore (without further charge), and login with your account
You will be able to use all benefits of OrtoGraph both on your iPad and on the cloud as well.

The last app, OrthoGraph Tape Measure is a new application for those who need to record layout information on-site but they do not need a complete floor plan just some details and calculations.

Download OrthoGraph 10.2 right now with the new features.

The direct links to the apps are below.
OrthoGraph Cloud Client 
OrthoGraph FloorPlan
OrthoGraph TapeMeasure 

Best Regards, 

Your OrthoGraph team

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