September 8, 2015

The beta-program of OrthoGraph’s cross-platform edition is launched!

The beta-program of OrthoGraph’s cross-platform edition is launched!
OrthoGraph has reached the next milestone in its career and everyone’s invited to celebrate the success.
What is this about?
At the world’s leading conference trade show for geodesy, geoinformation and land management - INTERGEO, Stuttgart, Germany 15-17 September – OrthoGraph will present the cross-platform version of its professional building survey system, and will announce its beta-program, too.

What do we mean by “Beta-program”?
Every user who has a valid OrthoGraph Cloud Pro or OrthoGraph Cloud Business subscription can apply for joining the Beta-program of OrthoGraph Genius (internal name), the cross platform version of OrthoGraph Survey System. Genius runs on Android but it will be available on other platforms such as iOS, Windows soon. If you do not own a valid subscription yet, it is time to apply for one, in order to join our beta-program community. All customer feedback will be utilized during the pre-release process, so as to turn the software into the most user-friendly and professional app possible.
What’s in it for you?
  • You get a productive building survey mobile App using the most versatile technology:
  1. Sketch floor plans and simply extend your drawing with new rooms.
  2. Measure walls, diagonals, angles etc. instantly updating your drawings
  3. Walls can have various thicknesses and heights
  4. Unlimited number of rooms, drawing elements supporting one-level buildings per projects
  5. Unlimited number of projects
  6. Basic drawing elements accessible (windows, doors, furniture etc.) which all have customizable properties and dimensions
  7. Calculate areas, perimeters, volumes on the spot accurately
  8. Native IFC export
  • You can familiarize with the new OrthoGraph Android version before the official release which gives you advantage over your competitors.
  • Your feedback will be used during the pre-release process, and you will have impact on the final product functionality.
  • You can also use your subscription to access the full functionality of the iPad version of OrthoGraph and also the related Cloud services.
As we would like to answer and handle all requests/feedback from all our beta testers promptly, the Beta-program access is limited to a number of users.
Order your OrthoGraph Subscription today from us directly ( to join the OrthoGraph Genius Beta-program or through PayPal from September 22, 2015, the day we start deploying the new Beta Android version to all participants of the program.
If you would like to meet the team and see the new cross-platform version of OrthoGraph in action, you can schedule an appointment at to meet us at INTERGEO.
Join our Beta-program today!
To try OrthoGraph iOS version request a demo:

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