September 23, 2015

OrthoGraph’s Success at INTERGEO

OrthoGraph’s Success at INTERGEO
- three days with hundreds of visitors and demos

Every year, INTERGEO gathers professionals from all fields of the survey industry, and links them with competitive knowledge and business opportunities. This is the largest platform in Europe where companies, which are involved with surveying can demonstrate their solutions to a broad and multicultural audience. This year, OrthoGraph appeared as an exhibitor at this trade fair as the only mobile building survey software solution provider, and the company is proud to announce its success at the event.

During the three days of the trade show (September 15-17), OrthoGraph was visited by hundreds of attendees, from all around the Globe and our colleagues conducted more than three hundred demos on our solution. Besides the crowds of clients, prospective partners and business collaborators also approached us to know more about our professional building survey app, OrthoGraph Survey System. It was a pleasure seeing that all demos resulted in the recognition of OrthoGraph’s qualities, speed, ease to use and  accuracy. This confirmation means that today, this is the most professional BIM building survey system on any tablets.

We started discussions with several hardware manufacturers, so we can expect a wider portfolio of supported hardware devices that would run OrthoGraph.

BIM was a keyword promoted many exhibitors. Luckily, OrthoGraph has always been a native BIM App and it fully ties into the concept. We received the feedback that handling BIM properties, building up a 3D BIM model and exporting it into a native IFC format is essential to most building survey related professions.

The app is available through a qualified partner network that is constantly growing - at the trade fair the company has gained 80 new prospective partners internationaly, who will assist with the local support, promotion and marketing of the professional building survey app.

The highlight of OrthoGraph’s presence was the launching of OrthoGraph Genius, the cross-platform version of OrthoGraph Survey System. Genius runs on Android but it will be available on other platforms such as iOS and Windows soon. The Android version will be deployed to the participants within the frame of our Beta program soon. Every user who has a valid OrthoGraph Cloud Pro or OrthoGraph Cloud Business subscription can apply for joining the program.

All these new developments and changes regarding the app are paired up with a growing interest toward the company – with the appearance of new strategic partners.

To try OrthoGraph iOS version request demo:

Join our Beta-program today!

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