October 29, 2015

Grab your iPad and create professional floor-plans

Grab your iPad and create professional floor-plans

- free trial, free demo with professional support

IPad is an easy-to-bring device, which makes our daily life easier. But how can it be a professional tool to complete a professional work?

OrthoGraph proved that it’s possible to create complex and accurate CAD drawings just with an iPad and an app. Its software – OrthoGraph Building Survey System– was made for professionals for saving time while surveying the built environment in a unique way. The 3D BIM concept, all the professional features, the on-site report and the wide range of output formats -including IFC, DXF and Excel- make it fast, accurate and powerful to create digitized as-builts on the spot.

How can you get the free trial?

Everyone who wants to try OrthoGraph 3-day trial, has to register on cloud.orthograph.net.
After registration, the user will get the free OrthoGraph Cloud Pro subscription for 3 days - starting from the time of registration - by default. There is no need to enter any kind of bankcard or payment data.
For using the app, users should download the OrthoGraph Cloud Client application for free from the AppStore. The Cloud Client application is needed to gain access to the trial license.
Once OrthoGraph Cloud Client is downloaded, users have to use the Cloud credentials (the login and password) to fire up the iPad application - which will use the free Pro license. OrthoGraph will run with all features without any limitation whatsoever and works together with all cloud benefits as well.

Don’t miss the chance to try the most professional building survey app!

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