October 12, 2015

Three days to try OrthoGraph’s full functionality for free!

Three days to try OrthoGraph’s full functionality for free!

Change the whole way you create floor plans of existing homes and offices. Take the leading professional building survey app for a test drive today!

  • Are you looking for a building survey software, but don’t know which program to choose?
  • Do you keep your eyes on OrthoGraph, but are not sure if it has the functions you need?
  • You don’t know what you would get for your money?
From now on, you can access a 3 day trial to try OrthoGraph’s full functionality.
OrthoGraph Survey System fills a huge gap in the field of the building survey industry. The 3D BIM concept, all the professional features, the on-site report and the wide range of output formats -including IFC, DXF and Excel- make it a fast, accurate and powerful building sketching solution.  
What are the main features of the app?

How can you get the free trial account?

Any professional can go for the free trial, only a registration is needed!
1. Register at the OrthoGraph's Cloud page. 
2. After registration, you will get the free OrthoGraph Cloud Pro subscription for 3 days - starting from the registration- by default. There is no need to enter any kind of bankcard or payment data.
3. For using the app, you should download the OrthoGraph Cloud Client application for free,  from the AppStore (https://itunes.apple.com/app/orthograph-architect-cloud/id825656292). The Cloud Client application is needed to gain access to your trial license.
4. Once OrthoGraph Cloud Client is downloaded, use your Cloud credentials (your login and password) to fire up the application - which will load the free Pro license you got. OrthoGraph will run with all features without any limitation whatsoever.
5. Start using all the iPad and online benefits of the OrthoGraph platform you subscribed for. Now take the program to a test job, and see what it does!
If you already have an existing cloud registration, you can also use OrthoGraph Cloud Pro for free for 1 week, starting from today.
Do you want to see if this is the right tool for the jobs you do?
We are confident that it is. Take it to a field test to see it for yourself!
In order to learn how to use the software visit learn.orthograph.net.

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