December 19, 2012

Sketch&Tap – build your floorplan with natural ease on your iPad - OrthoGraph Architect 4.0 released

Budapest, December 18, 2012 - OrthoGraph proudly announces the newest release of the professional iPad floor plan creation App, OrthoGraph Architect 3D version 4.0

OrthoGraph's intuitive sketching and measuring functionality has been enhanced with a new simplified drawing workflow. The natural way of sketching a floor plan is extended with the Sketch&Tap feature which accelerates the creation of multi-room drawings with the new level of sketch recognition.

OrthoGraph's sketch recognition functionality has already been a unique and industry leading way of creating the floor plans. First by simply sketching the outline of  a room onto the screen of the iPad OrthoGraph created straight lines with corners instantly. Then the particular room could be updated by measuring wall lengths and diagonals, OrthoGraph Architect kept all angles unmodified as long as it was possible by the entered data.To create a new room the user had to repeat these steps, and at the end the surveyed room could be attached to the first one through a wall opening.

By keeping the unique update methodology intact the drawing procedure of the second and further rooms has been simplified radically. Now it's enough just to draw those new walls that are not common with the existing rooms, then by tapping inside the new room OrthoGraph snaps the sketched walls to their proper location. This way it might be enough only to measure these new walls and repeat the procedure to rapidly create There are many other features of version 4.0 along with bug repairs, but this feature was requested by most of our users since the first version of OrthoGraph Architect was released only a year ago.

Download and use the new, exciting way of floor plan creation using your iPad, use the 3D walkthrough, place objects and store their properties including images in the new App. Simply download it from the AppStore:

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